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We sell insurance and bonds, we don't just churn out quotes.

Personal Insurance

Automobile, Home, Health, Disabilty, Supplemental, Personal Umbrella, Mobile Homes, Condos, Classic-Cars, Performance-Cars, Airplanes, Motorcycles, and ATVs.

Commercial Insurance

Transportation, Box-Trucks, Tow-Trucks, Dump-Trucks, Reefers, Trucking-Fleets, Buses, Limousines, Emergency and Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Vans, Commercial-Umbrella, General-liability, EPLI, Internationa, Commercial Property, Commercial Buildings, Auto Repair, Paint & Body shops, Used & New Car Lots, Hotel/Motel, Clubs, Churches, Daycare, Adultcare, LTC, Assisted-Living, Group Health insurance.

Surety Bonds?

Small Heading

We are a Multi-line Insurance and Bonds Agency catering to the needs of both commercial and indvidual clients

We will get you the insurance others may not be able to

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We will get you the Bond, regardless of credit rating, as long as there is a will and resources.

  • Administrative Officer's Bond (County and City Clerk, Registers, Judges, Auditors)
  • Court Official's Bond, Executive & Legislative Officer's Bond (Mayors, City & Town Managers, Chief Administration Officer, Secretary-of-State) 
  • Sheriff's Bond (Constables, Deputy Sheriff)
  • Tax Collector's Bond (Tax Assessor) 
  • Treasurer's Bond 
  • Employee Theft for Municipalities or Businesses 
  • Contractor's Bid-Bond 
  • Performance Bond
  • Licences Bonds 
  • Title Bonds required by State Agencies 
  • Lottery Bonds 
  • Gasoline Bonds
  • Utilities Bonds 
  • Businesses Related Bonds 
  • New and Used Car Lot License Bond

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